Model of a Small Production Line

Model of a Small Production Line

The station consists of 4 integrated modules, representing a sample production process of discrete elements. It is built using industry-grade. It allows students to familiarize with professional sensors, motors, pneumatic components and controllers. 

This station is prepared for up to 8 students working in the same time (in groups of 2) 


Station description: 

The station consists of a series of conveyor belts that transfer elements through successive stations arranged in a rectangle. Metal cylinders are elements transported by the belt. 


Set components: 

1.Conveyor (4 pieces): 

  • Length of one part: 680 mm 
  • Width: 50 mm 
  • Electrically controlled 24V DC motor 
  • The steep end facilitates the transfer of components between the conveyors 

2. Workpiece warehouse: 

  • Barriers of light 
  • Pneumatic ejector 

3. Reversal and drilling simulation module 

  • Pneumatic gripper with the possibility of rotating the element 
  • Inductive sensor 
  • Electric drill (30W, 30.000 rpm) 

4. Drilling control module: 

  • Height sensor 
  • Barriers of light 
  • Ejector of incorrect parts

5. Thermal hardening module:

  • Halogen lamp simulating heating (0-10V controlled) 
  • Light barrier 
  • Temperature sensors 
  • Light column with 3 light segments to signal the process progress  

The set also includes: 

  • 4 Siemens 1200 series PLC controllers with an educational software  
  • 1 HMI 4’ panel 
  • Complete electrical and pneumatic equipment necessary to start the station 
  • Quiet, professional compressor 
  • User manuals and sample exercises 
  • All mounted on a table on wheels 
  • Installation, commissioning, 3-hour onsite training