Induction motor teaching station

Stanowisko G120

This training station with Siemens SINAMICS G120 inverter allows students to get acquainted with basic methods of controlling electric industrial drives. With this station students can perform exercises such as: connecting drives and inverters, their parameterization and configuration as well as safety functions. 

During the exercises, participant also learns basic information about the construction of inverters, electric drives and how to connect them to PLC controllers. Access to the electric and moving parts is secured with a transparent acrylic glass plate. 

Teaching station: 

  • Equipped with an operator panel designed to work with the SINAMICS G120 inverter, consisting of: 
      • Safety buttons; 
      • 2 monostable buttons with integrated LED indicators, a leaf switch;
      • Analog setter
  • Powered by IEC 230 V AC connector, illuminated rocker switch and fuse; 
  • Delivered with a set of 5 exercises; 
  • Equipped with a connector board with safe banana connectors, allowing easy connection of the inverter with the PLC via digital and analog signals (optional). 

Siemens components: 

  • CU250S-2 PN control unit 
  • Power module PM240-2 (without filter) 
  • Intelligent IOP control panel 
  • Necessary cabling and software 


  • Asynchronous, cage motor 
  • Power 0.55kW 
  • Rated speed: 1380 rpm 
  • Incremental encoder linked to the motor and connected to the inverter 

Mounting disc: 

  • Made of 30 mm standard aluminum profiles, 8 mm groove, 
  • Placed on rubber, stable legs, damping vibrations, 
  • Characterized by a rigid structure 
  • Equipped with two handles for transport