DYNAMIXEL is a brand of Smart Actuator developed by ROBOTIS for use in any robotic system.

The name “DYNAMIXEL” is derived from two words- “Dynamic” and “Cell”, which when combined together become an all-in-one smart actuator.

  • All-in-one module with a variety of elements required to drive a robot without other devices. All you need is power and communication to operate a robot.
  • DYNAMIXEL is compatible with any system or controller. All you need is power and communication to operate a robot made with DYNAMIXEL.
  • Support for various development environments – GUI-based Robo-Plus, SDK and source code for Windows, Linux, and mobile environments, C/C++, Python, Java, Matlab, LabVIEW, ROS, and others

DYNAMIXEL actuators come in a wide variety of models to best suit the needs of different systems, based on torque, speed and command signals.
The range of ROBOTIS products includes a diverse product line of intelligent actuators: from cost-effective models for beginners to high-performance models for professionals.

DYNAMIXEL offers 3 families of products:

  • DYNAMIXEL – classical, well-recognized family of smart actuators which have been used for years in robotics and beyond
    • AX-series: used in ROBOTIS STEM, Premium, GP, and various types of robots such as humanoid.
    • MX-series: a new concept of DYNAMIXEL with advanced functions, such as precise control, PID control, 360-degree position control, and high-speed communication.
  • DYNAMIXEL-X – newest line of high-performance, networked smart actuator models
    • Improved Heat Sink Featuring an Aluminum Case
    • Compact Size & Design with Improved Torque
    • Enhanced Durability and Expansibility
    • Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress (3-way-routing)
  • DYNAMIXEL-P – industrialized premium smart actuator solution for full-scale Robots
    • High Power, High Precision, and Low Backlash
    • All-in-One Modular Design
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Torque Control Based on Current Sensing
    • High Resolution with Combination of Incremental Encoder and Contactless Absolute Encoder