Quanser QArm

quanser qarm

QArm is a robotic arm created with education and scientific research in mind. Like all experiments from Quanser, the arm was built with a completely open archiecture. The user has access to all internal signals, so they can freely create their own control and data processing algorithms. The product provides support of Matlab/Simulnik and Open-Source tools – Robot Operating System (ROS). A built-in gripper and an RGBD camera make the robotic arm a multi-purpose tool. 

The producer also offers a digital twin of this robotic arm that can be used at home. It’s a great solution for scientists who don’t have constant access to a laboratory and for students learning at home. 


The arm is also available in a virtual version: (click here) 

The Robot is available in two versions: with a built-in controller (direct connection via USB port to a computer) and with SPI interface to interface with any controller.  




8.25 kg 


0.2 of 5 kg 

The number of degrees of freedom 


Rotation range of each joint 

Base: ± 170 °, arm : ± 85 °, elbow : -95 ° / + 75 °, wrist:  ± 167.5 °  

Maximum speed of movement 

± 90 ° / s  


750 mm 


Intel RealSense D415 


Integrated 2-step 2-finger gripper 

Interfaces in the base (controller) 

PWM, Analog, SPI, UART, USB 

Programming environment 

Matlab/Simulink, ROS