Quanser 3DOF Gyroscope

Quanser Gyroscope with 3 Degrees of Freedom

The 3 DOF Gyroscope consists of a disk mounted inside an inner gimbal which in turn is mounted inside an outer gimbal. The entire structure is supported by a rectangular frame that is free to rotate about its vertical axis of using a slip ring design. The gimbals are also equipped with slip rings, allowing them to rotate freely and giving the disk three degrees of freedom. The plant is equipped with four DC motors and four encoders, with the ability to fix individual axis. Axes positions are measured using high-resolution optical encoders. Although the gimbals and outer frame are free to rotate, the plant provides the ability to fix any desired axis (outer frame, red and blue gimbals). 


The kit includes all elements needed to quickly start the station: an amplifier, controller, plug-in for Matlab or LabVIEW and educational teaching materials for students. 

Basic technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 50 cm, 27.3 kg
  • Disk encoder resolution: 4096 pulses/rotation
  • Resolution of other encoders: 4000 pulses / rotation
  • Drive motor power: 44.5 W
  • Power of other motors: 266 W
  • Disk dimensions: diameter: 15.2 cm, thickness: 1.27 cm, 1.91 kg