Quanser 3 DOF Hover

Quanser Hover

The 3 DOF Hover experiment provides an economical test bed to understand and develop control laws for flight dynamics and control of vehicles with vertical lift off.

The 3 DOF Hover consists of a planar round frame with four propellers. The frame is mounted on a three degrees of freedom pivot joint that enables the body to rotate about the roll, pitch and yaw axes. The propellers are driven by four DC motors that are mounted at the vertices of the frame. The propellers generate a lift force that can be used to directly control the pitch and roll angles. Two of the propellers are counter-rotating, so that the total torque in the system is balanced when the thrust of the four propellers is approximately equal.

Basic technical parameters: 

  • Device mass 3.46 kg
  • Device height (ground to top of base) 45 cm
  • Helicopter body mass 1.39 kg
  • Helicopter body length 48 cm
  • Base dimensions (W x L) 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm
  • Pitch angle range 75 (± 37.5 deg)
  • Yaw angle range 360 deg
  • Propeller diameter 20.3 cm
  • Propeller pitch 15.2 cm