FMS Production System Model


FMS Production System Model is an integrated teaching station demonstrating a fragment of the production line. It consists of freely selected modular stations that simulate various production processes. The model enables the teaching of basic functions in the field of control technology, such as logical operations and conditional functions, it has special functions, among others counters (up / down counting) with positioning, allows for sequential programming with error recognition.

Additionally, it is possible to install the Control Console Module. The module is equipped with illuminated buttons, supports PLC control. The PLC controller is connected to the mock-up with a SUB-D connector or a terminal block.

The pictorial photo shows an example of a system with 3 stations. The actual appearance of the station may differ from that shown in the graphic.

The system can be equipped with the following stations: 


Description of the teaching position 


Isolation and transport station


Control and measurement station


Drilling and inspection station


Sorting station


Highbay warehouse


3-axis manipulator station


Station with Universal Robots UR3 robot