Clearpath Jackal

Lightweight robot for research. Jackal comes with a ready to go startup application, so students can control it immediately after purchase. Its open architecture and a wide range of sensors make it a perfect solution for many research projects. The manufacturer has adapted this platform to work with ROS and Gazebo, making it easy to simulate, program and control.





508 x 430 x 250 mm 


17 kg 

Carrying capacity 

Up to 20 kg 

Maximum speed 

2 m/s 

Control modes 

Kinematic Commands — 

velocity, angular velocity 

Open Loop Motor Driver Commands — 


Wheel Velocity Commands 

Basic sensors 

Power, wheel speed, GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer 

Available ports 

Ethernet, USB 3.0, RS232, IEEE1394 

Typical power consumption 

500 W 


Lithium-ion 270 Wh 

Typical battery life 

Up to 2 hours 

Expansion possibilities: 

  • Additional battery and external charger 
  • Lightweight Kinova robotic arm 
  • Sensors: LIDAR, IMU, GPS, etc. 
  • 2D / 3D cameras 
  • Software for autonomous operation, navigation, image processing and teleoperation