Clearpath dingo

Clearpath Dingo is a light indoor research robot, coming in two versions – with differential or omni-wheel drive. Its open architecture, a wide range of sensors and the possibility of installing a lightweight Kinova arm, make it a perfect solution for many research projects as well as education. The manufacturer has adapted this platform to work with ROS and Gazebo, making it easy to simulate, program and control.  




Differential drive 


Omni-wheel drive 


551 x 517 x 110 mm 

686 x 517 x 114 mm 


9.1 kg 

13 kg 

Carrying capacity 

20 kg  

20 kg 

Maximum speed 

1.3 m / s 

1.3 m / s 

The number of slots for expansion modules 



Control modes 

Kinematics, engine voltage control speed setting 

Kinematics, setting wheel speed 

Basic sensors 

Battery and motor current, speed and wheel offset, IMU 

Available ports 

Ethernet, USB, RS232 

Typical power consumption 

80 W 

170 W 

Available modules: 

  • lead-acid battery (18Ah @ 12V) – about 2 hours of work for Dingo-D, 1 hour of work for Dingo-O, 
  • Lithium-ion battery (28.5Ah @ 14.4V) – about 4 hours of work for Dingo-D, 2 hours of work for Dingo-O 
  • Computer module – Mini-ITX Computer or NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit 
  • Empty module for robot’s own equipment 

Expansion possibilities: 

  • Kinova light robotic arm 
  • Sensors: LIDAR, IMU, etc. 
  • 2D / 3D cameras 
  • Software for autonomous operation