Clearpath boxer

Clearpath Boxer is a large indoor research robot based on industrial solutions. Its high load capacity, open architecture and unlimited expansion possibilities make it a perfect platform for a wide range of research works. The upper platform can lift by up to 50 mm, allowing the robot to lift and lower loads by itself. The manufacturer has adapted this platform to work with ROS and Gazebo, making it easy to simulate, program and control. 





750 x 550 x 304 mm 


127 kg 

Carrying capacity 

100 kg 

Maximum speed 

1 m/s 

Built-in battery 

Lithium-ion, 60 Ah @ 24 V, up to 12h of operation 

Basic sensors 

LIDAR, stereo camera, sonar, odometry 

Available ports 

3 x Ethernet, 2 x USB, Wi-Fi 

Expansion possibilities: 

  • 1 or 2 robot arms (Kinova, Universal Robots, etc.) 
  • Sensors: LIDAR, IMU, etc. 
  • 2D / 3D cameras 
  • Software for autonomous operation