Tetcos NetSim

tetcos netslim

NetSim is a software used to simulate and emulate various telecommunication systems. It allows students to easily create networks with a graphical user interface and test various data transfer protocols – both wired and wireless. A rich set of data analysis and visualization tools enables quick analysis of simulation results. Advanced users can use the C libraries and API provided with the environment to implement their algorithms and protocols and incorporate simulations as part of larger applications. 


Available versions 




For teaching, limited to 100 nodes 


For teaching and researching, limited to 500 nodes 


For commercial projects, limited to 10 000 nodes 


The environment is divided into the following components: 

  1. Basic modules (Ethernet, WLAN, TCP, UDP, Routing) 
  2. Older communication protocols (Aloha, GSM, CDMA) 
  3. Advanced routing functions (VLAN, NAT, Multicast) 
  4. Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET) 
  5. Software Defined Networks (SDN) 
  6. Internet of Things (loT) 
  7. Congnitive radio networks 
  8. LTE and LTE Advanced networks 
  9. Car’s Adhoc Networks 
  10. 5G NR mmWave networks 
  11. Network Emulator