Small Conveyor Belt

Przenośnik Taśmowy

Miniature training station with a conveyor belt allowing to learn the basics of control and programming of automatic transport systems – movement control, sensor operation and operator’s panel.  


Technical data: 

  • Structure made of aluminium profiles 
  • 24V stepper motor, the possibility to adjust the belt speed with a potentiometer 
  • 420 mm long and 50 mm wide conveyor belt 
  • Operator panel with 4 ON / OFF buttons with backlight 
  • 3 inductive sensors with height adjustment 
  • Optical barrier with a range of 80mm 
  • Cable harnesses, power cables and sensor signal cables are hidden in cable trays 
  • Quick DB37 connector for connecting the power supply, controlling the belt operation and reading signals from sensors and control buttons (compatible with the Basic PLC Training Station) 
  • Aesthetic and durable construction enables intensive use