Siemens S7-1516 (F) PN / DP Training Pack

Siemens S7-1516 (F) PN / DP Training Pack

This kit contains a powerful Siemens S7-1500 series PLC, widely used in industry. We recommend installing controllers on our Basic PLC Training Station and using them with educational plants. 


The set consists of: 

  • Siemens 1516-3 PN / DP controller, ports: 1x Profinet (2 ports), 1x Ethernet, 1x Profibus 
  • Power supply PM 1507: 24V / 8A 
  • 32 24V digital inputs module 
  • 32 24V digital outputs module 
  • 8 analog inputs module (current / voltage / temperature) 
  • Module of 4 analog outputs (current / voltage) 
  • 4x connection terminal 
  • 462mm mounting rail 
  • 24MB memory card 
  • 6m Ethernet cable 
  • STEP7 Professional license 

The set is available in 2 versions: 

Manufacturer code



Standard controller 


Fail-Safe controller 


  • Kit available only for schools and colleges!