Quanser Rotary Servo Base Unit

Quanser Rotary Servo Base Unit

The Rotary Servo Base Unit is a geared servo-mechanism system. The plant consists of a DC motor in a solid aluminum frame. This DC motor drives the smaller pinion gear through an internal gear box. The pinion gear is fixed to a larger middle gear that rotates on the load shaft. The position of the load shaft can be measured using a high-resolution optical encoder or a potentiometer. The encoder is also used to estimate the speed of the motor. 

To product is also available as a virtual version: (click here) 

With a wide range of available add-on modules, this plantcan be used to teach wide array of basic and advanced concepts, such as: 

  • Flexible elements 
  • 2 and more degrees of freedom 
  • Sensor integration (camera, potentiometer) 
  • Torsional forces 
  • Gyroscope 
  • And others 

This way a single station can be used to teach and conduct experimental research in various fields of control theory. 

The kit includes all elements necessary to quickly start the station: amplifier, controller, Matlab or LabVIEW software module as well as teaching materials for students.  

Basic technical parameters: 

  • High quality servo motor (6V,1A, 6000 RPM) 
  • Potentiometer for measuring the position (± 5V) 
  • Quadrature encoder (4096 pulses / revolution) 
  • Gears with the possibility of changing the gear ratio 
  • Complete teaching materials compatible with NI LabVIEW and Matlab / Simulink included, 
  • Open architecture allows you to create your own control algorithms.