Quanser QUBE

Qube is the entry-level control theory teaching station from Quanser, the world leader in educational solutions. 

Its compact form factor, high-quality components and extensive teaching materials, allow for its quick implementation in laboratories. The supplied disk and inverted pendulum make the station a truly versatile solution that can be used in many exercises - from modelling and identification of systems to advanced control algorithms. design. 

The product is also available as a virtual version: (click here) 


Basic technical parameters: 

  • DC brush motor (24V, 0.016A, 5400 RPM no load) 
  • Built-in amplifier with current measurement and tachometer 
  • 2 optical encoders with a resolution of 2048 pulses / rotations
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Programmable in Matlab/Simulink with the QUARC TM add-on or using Python or C/C++ with the Quanser API