Quanser Gyroscope

Quanser Gyroscope

The station demonstrates the gyroscopic effect of a spinning disk maintaining orientation in space. This additional module can be mounted on the Rotary Servo Base Unit. It consists of a disk driven by an electric motor and a movable base for the entire station. The disk deflection is read by an encoder. Students model this object mathematically and then design algorithms necessary to control it. 

The kit includes all elements needed to quickly start the station: amplifier, controller, Matlab or LabVIEW module as well as educational materials for students.  

We also offer a larger experiment – a gyroscope with 3 degrees of freedom, adapted to the exceptional requirements of research projects.  


Basic technical parameters: 

  • Base parameters 
    • High quality servo motor (6V, 1A, 6000 RPM) 
    • Potentiometer for measuring the position ( ±5V) 
    • Quadrature encoder (4096 pulses / revolution)  
    • Gears with the possibility of changing the gear ratio  
    • Comprehensive educational materials compatible with NI LabVIEW and Matlab / Simulink included  
    • Open architecture allows creating own control algorithms. 
  • Module parameters 
    • Disk diameter: 50.8 mm 
    • Disk weight: 0.8 kg 
    • Disk moment of inertia: 1.0323 kg.m²