Quanser Coupled Tanks

Quanser Experiment with Combined Tanks

This stand demonstrates a typical industrial process – two interconnected tanks powered by a pump. Each tank is equipped with a pressure sensor measuring current liquid level. With an easy-to-switch set of pipes and valves, the process may be easily reconfigured. It is possible to connect two or more stands together, creating a more complex structure. Students have the possibility to model and design various types of control algorithms.

The kit includes all elements needed to quickly start the station: an amplifier, controller, plug-in for Matlab or LabVIEW and educational teaching materials for students.

The station is available in a virtual version: (click here)


  • Pump flow constant 3.3 cm³ / Vs 
  • Tanks dimensions: height 30 cm, internal diameter: 4.45
  • Pressure sensors with the following parameters: sensitivity: 6.1 cm / V, range: 0 – 6.89 kPa