Quanser Active Mass Damper


The Quanser Active Mass Damper (AMD) is a bench-scale model of a tall building equipped with an active damper. It is ideal for studying control techniques used to actively suppress vibrations in tall buildings. The AMD experiment is available in three different configurations: 1-floor AMD, 2-floor AMD with a single active cart, and 2-floor AMD with two active carts.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 cm x 11 cm x 63 cm

  • Total mass: 2,83 kg

  • Flexible structure height: 50 cm

  • Flexible structure linear stiffness: 173 N/m

  • Cart travel: ± 9.5 cm

  • Cart encoder resolution: 4096 counts/rev

  • Accelerometer sensitivity: 1,0 g/V