NaturalPoint OptiTrack Flex

NaturalPoint OptiTrack Flex cameras stand out for their flexibility of mounting, high performance, and affordability. With their design, they can be easily adapted to various environments and needs, providing greater freedom in setting up motion tracking systems.

The variety of available camera models allows for equipment customization based on specific applications, depending on the size of the monitored area, precision requirements, speed, or desired field of view. OptiTrack cameras are indispensable in the field of vision solutions.

Available camera models:


Flex 13

With a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels, it enables precise capture of motion details, resulting in detailed data. The camera is capable of capturing motion with high fluidity and speed, which is particularly useful in dynamic applications such as special effects creation or sports motion analysis.


Flex 3

Despite having a lower resolution compared to other models, Flex 3 provides adequate image quality for many applications at a lower cost. The camera has a compact and flexible design, facilitating its installation and integration in various environments.


Models comparision:



OptiTrack Flex 13

OptiTrack Flex 3




Native Frame Rate






3D Accuracy*

+/- 0,2mm

+/- 0,5mm

Passive markers range




Filter & Lens

– Optional Filter Switcher

– Adjustable focus

– Stock Lens: 56° × 46° FOV (5.5mm)

– Optional Lens: 42° × 34° FOV (8.0mm)

– Optional Filter Switcher

– Adjustable focus

– Stock Lens: 46° × 35° FOV (4.5mm)

– Optional Lens: 58° × 45° FOV (3.5mm)

Global shutter

– Default speed: 0,25ms

– Minimum Speed: 0,01ms

– Maximum Speed:

7,6ms at 120fps

– Default Speed: 1ms

– Minimum Speed: 0,01ms


5,38 x 8,1 x 4,24 cm

4,52 x 7,47 x 3,66 cm


0,19 kg

0,1 kg


* 3D accuracy referenced is typical for a 9m×9m tracking area. Range is estimated using a 14 mm marker with cameras at an exposure of 800, gain of 6, and the lowest f-stop.