Miniature Conveyor Belt

Miniature Conveyor Belt

This miniature, integrated didactic station demonstrates a fragment of a production line. Students have contact with the real control process as it consists of the same components as its industrial counterpart. The stand imade of electrically powered elements only, so it does not require pneumatic supply. Some signals are available in the form of convenient connectors, allowing for easy, independent expansion of the station. Several stations can be combined into a larger technological line. Due to its small size and optional case, the stand can be easily transported. 

Examples of exercise topics: 

  • Basic I / O operation 
  • Motors control 
  • Collecting data from various sensors 
  • Distinguishing between materials 
  • Counting items 
  • Sorting items 

The stand is available in 3 versions: 

  • Basic conveyor: conveyor belt, 1 pusher, inductive sensor, light gate 
  • Expanded: conveyor belt, 2 pushers, inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, two light gates 
  • Full: conveyor belt, vertical warehouse for dispensing items, 2 pushers, inductive sensor, capacitive sensor, 2 light gates, light column  

Technical data (depending on version): 

  • Conveyor belt measuring 390 x 40 mm powered by a 12VDC electric motor with a gear 
  • M8 inductive sensor with a range of 2mm with height adjustment 
  • M12 capacitive sensor with a range of 2mm with height adjustment 
  • Light gate with an adjustable range of 30-1000mm 
  • Electric pusher with hardware protection system in final positions, powered by a 12VDC motor 
  • Vertical warehouse with electric pusher and safety system, powered by a 12VDC motor 
  • Light column with 3 color signals and acoustic signal 
  • workpieces made of 3 different materials (aluminum, black plastic, white plastic) 
  • Built-in 24 V / 3.5A power supply 
  • Control LOGO! 12 / 24RCE with display and DM16 24 expansion module (LOGO! Version) 
  • Siemens S7-1215C DC / DC / DC controller with STEP7 Basic software (version S7-1200) 
  • Double DB37 connector for connecting an external controller (DB37 version) 
  • Dimensions: 285 x 290 x 154 mm