Factory I/O

Factory I_O

Factory I/0 is a flexible environment for simulating real industrial automation systems. Using the rich library of components and scenarios, students can easily build extensive sets of devices, program them and verify their correct operation. Depending on the version, it is also possible to combine simulation with real controllers to get even closer to reality. 


Available versions: 

  • Starter (includes PLC Control I / O simulator) 
  • Automgen (includes advanced PLC simulator – Automgen) 
  • MHJ (includes the GRAFCET development environment and the WinSPS-S7 simulator from MHJ) 
  • Modbus & OPC (allows communication with any real PLC via Modbus, TCP or OPC) 
  • Allen-Bradley (allows communication with real Allen – Bradley controllers) 
  • Siemens (allows communication with real Siemens controllers and S7-PLCSIM simulator) 
  • Ultimate (includes features of all of the above and an additional SDK to create own controllers)  

All versions are available as a 1-year or perpetual license. Each version includes a comprehensive library of components and scenarios.