Collaborative Robot UR10/10e

Universal Robots is the world leader in cobots - collaborative robots. It is the fastest growing branch of robotics in the world.

The UR arms are light and have been fitted with safety features allowing them to work with people. They are also very flexible and easy to program. This opens up a whole range of applications; no wonder these robots can already be found in many factories in the world.

Colleges and universities often use UR arms for teaching and research.

UR10 / 10e is a large arm from the Universal Robots. It is used where a long range and high load capacity are needed. The set includes a 12” graphic teach pendant and a controller with additional inputs/outputs allowing for integration with other devices.  

The arm can be equipped with additional accessories, for example: 

  • 2- or 3-finger gripper 
  • Pressure gripper (electric or pneumatic) 
  • Miniature conveyor belt for teaching 
  • Camera 
  • Automatic screwdriver 




Position repeatability 

± 0.1mm 

± 0.0 5 mm 

Lifting capacity (without gripper) 

10 kg 


1300 mm 

Degrees of freedom 


Protection level 



Ports on the controller 

16 x DI, 16 x DO, 2 x AI, 2 x AO 

Communication interfaces 

ProfinetEthernetIP, TCP / IP, Modbus TCP 

Force / torque sensor 

None (motor current measurement) 

3-axis force sensor in the wrist (ranges:100N, 10Nm)