Clearpath Moose

Heavy outdoor research robot. Because of the design, it can move even in very difficult terrain, such as mud, or overcome steep obstacles. Additionally, Moose is also amphibious – it can swim. Its open architecture and a wide range of sensors make it a perfect solution for many research projects. Robot’s high load capacity allows to equip it with a combustion generator, extending the working time. The manufacturer has adapted this platform to work with ROS and Gazebo, making it easy to simulate, program and control.  




2.96 x 1.5 x 1.14 m 


1077 kg 

Carrying capacity 

513 kg 

Maximum speed 

30 km / h (4 km / h in water) 

Control modes 

Remote control, Computer controlled velocity commands (v, θ) 

Basic sensors 

Power, encoders, temperature, IMU 

Available ports 

Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi 


Lithium Iron Phosphate 400 Ah 

Typical working time 

Up to 6 hours 

Expansion possibilities: 

  • Additional battery and external charger 
  • Improved on-board computer 
  • Combustion generator 
  • 1 or more Kinowa or Universal Robots robot arms 
  • Sensors: LIDAR, IMU, GPS, etc. 
  • 2D / 3D cameras 
  • Software for autonomous operation, navigation, image recognition and teleoperation.