Clearpath husky

Clearpath Husky is a mid-size robot designed for research. Due to its design, it can move even in very difficult terrain, such as mud, or overcome steep obstacles. Husky can lift up to 75 kg of load, allowing students to mount virtually any sensors or a small manipulator. Its open architecture and a wide range of sensors make it a perfect solution for many research projects. The manufacturer has adapted this platform to work with ROS and Gazebo, making it easy to simulate, program and control.  





990 x 670 x 390 mm 


50 kg 

Carrying capacity 

75 kg (up to 20 kg in difficult terrain) 

Maximum speed 

1 m / 2 

Control modes 

Direct voltage, wheel speed, and kinematic velocity. 

Basic sensors 

Power supply, encoders 

Available ports 

RS232 (others depending the computer) 

Typical power consumption 

400W (without additional accessories) 


Lithium-ion (24 V, 20 Ah) 

Typical battery life 

Up to 3 hours 

Expansion possibilities: 

  • Additional battery and charger 
  • Improved on-board computer 
  • Kinova robot arm 
  • Sensors: LIDAR, IMU, GPS, etc. 
  • 2D / 3D cameras 
  • Software for autonomous operation, navigation, image processing and teleoperation.