Assembly table for Universal Robots UR3 / 3e

Stół montażowy UR3

Assembly tables by Education4Industry are an indispensable accessory when completing a robotics laboratory. The stable structure allows for the installation of industrial robots with low lifting capacity. It is possible to equip the table with a fence made of plexiglass, creating a safe cell enabling the robot to work in an external mode.

Technical parameters of the table:

  • Length / width / height: 1000/640/740 mm or 1000/880/740 mm (without legs)
  • The structure is made of 40 mm standard aluminum profiles.
  • The top is made of aluminum profiles with a total of 18 grooves for mounting accessories and additional elements.
  • Adjustable legs, enabling table leveling.
  • Dedicated place for mounting the Control Box under the top.

There is an additional option to construct a cell fenced off with Plexiglas plates, with safety systems dedicated to Universal Robots robots. It has bolts that allow for safe door opening. Available with or without a conveyor belt. It is also possible to perform CE certification.