Quanser Self Driving Car Research Studio

Quanser Self Driving Car Research Studio

Quanser Self Driving Car Research Studiois a comprehensive research station allowing to carry out scientific experiments on an autonomous car. Its heart is QCAR – a 1:10 scale car model equipped with a set of cameras, LIDAR and many other sensors as well as an Nvidia TX2 processor.


The kit includes: 

  • High-performance PC with 3 monitors – base station 
  • Professional router 
  • Mock-up elements for building test scenarios 
  • QUARC software license 
  • Optional motion capture systems 

QCAR – technical parameters: 

  • Car model 1:10 scale 
  • LIDAR 2D 
  • RGBD camera 
  • 4 cameras CSI 
  • Encoder on the motor shaft 
  • AND HIM 
  • Nvidia TX2 processor 
  • Lights – front, rear, turn signals 
  • Microphone and speaker 
  • Additional inputs/outputs: SPI, I2C, CANBus, GPIO 
  • Mounting points for easy expansion 


  • programming in Matlab/Simulink or Python/ROS 
  • A wide range of sample programs – from handling single components to advanced applications using machine learning 
  • GPU-optimized image processing functions 
  • Support for AprilTags 
  • visualizations in virtual space 
  • The ability to create own visualizations in Unreal Engine 4 
  • Support for standard tools for the development of artificial intelligence algorithms 
  • Simple examples provided for teaching