Quanser Ball and Beam

Quanser Ball and Beam

Ball and Beam is a classic control theory experiment. This additional module can be mounted on the Rotary Servo Base Unit. It consists of a steel rod in parallel with a nickel-chromium, wire-wound resistor forming the track on which a metal ball is free to roll. . The position is read by measuring the resistance. The objective is to model the plant and design algorithm that will move the ball to desired position.  

The kit includes all elements needed to quickly start the station: amplifier, controller, Matlab or LabVIEW module as well as educational materials for students. 

The product is also available as a virtual version: (click here) 

Base parameters: 

    • High quality servo motor (6V, 1A, 6000 RPM) 
    • Potentiometer for measuring the position (±5V) 
    • Quadrature encoder (4096 pulses / revolution) 
    • Gears with the possibility of changing the gear ratio 
    • Complete teaching materials compatible with NI LabVIEW and Matlab / Simulink included
    • Open architecture allows to create customized control algorithms.  

Module parameters: 

      • Length of the ramp: 425.5 mm  
      • Support height: 160 mm 
      • Ball diameter: 25.4 mm