Quanser AERO

Quanser AERO

Quanser AERO is a station for learning basic and advanced skills in control theory from Quanser, the world leader in educational solutions.  

Its compact form factor, high-quality components and extensive teaching materials, make it fit perfectly in students’ laboratories.  

The ability to reconfigure the propellers allows demonstrating many features – from modelling and identification of systems to advanced control algorithms. Students address actual engineering problems (helicopters, drones), which increases their motivation and interest.  

This product is also available as a virtual version: (click here) 


Basic technical parameters: 

  • 2 efficient colreless DC motors DC (15.6 Ω, 57.7 Nm / A) 
  • Built-in amplifier with current measurement  
  • 2 encoders with a resolution of 512 pulses / revolution (lift) and 1024 pulses / revolution (rotation) 
  • Measurement of rotational speed of motors with digital tachometers 
  • 3-axis gyroscope (±245 dps ) 
  • 3-axis accelerometer (±2g) 
  • Unlimited rotation 
  • Lift range: 124⁰ 
  • Replaceable rotor with safety cage 
  • Available with different interfaces: 
    • QFLEX 2 USB (direct connection to PC) 
    • QFLEX 2 Embedded (SPI) 
    • QFLEX 2 NI MyRIO (connector adapted to NI MyRIO) 
  • Compatible with NI LabVIEW, Matlab / Simulink and any microcontroller programming language 
  • Comprehensive educational materials included 
  • Open architecture allows to create customized control algorithms