Dobot Magician Lite

Dobot Magician Lite

Dobot Magician Lite is a versatile, lightweight, and intelligent robot arm. It empowers students to fully engage in creating diverse projects, interacting with both software and hardware. Controlling the device is remarkably straightforward – it can be done through a USB port or wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, Magician Lite is equipped with interchangeable end-effectors, enabling it to perform various functions.

Dobot Magician Lite is also fitted with various interchangeable end-effectors that can be easily swapped. This allows Magician Lite to serve a multitude of purposes. It can function as a suction cup, a gentle gripper, or a holder for a pen, among other roles. Additionally, the robot is equipped with a collision detection feature, ensuring safety during interactions with children.

The arm is equipped with a separate controller called the “Magic Box,” which separates the motion control algorithms from user tasks, greatly simplifying the programming process. The robot supports communication via Bluetooth technology. With 12 ports, it provides maximum openness and compatibility. The controller is powered by a 12V voltage.

Dobot Magician Lite technical parameters:



Number of Axes


Maximum Payload


Maximum Reach



+/- 0,2mm


100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Input

12V, 5A DC

Working Environment

-5 – 45°C

Power Consumption

Max. 60W

Communication Interface

USB Virtual Serial Port/Serial Port





Base Dimension

146mm x 146mm