Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) is a Danish producer of mobile robots used for the automatic handling of loads in closed areas. They are widely used in various industries around the world. Their programming is very simple and can be performed on any computer, tablet or phone. Built-in sensors, together with advanced analysis and control functions, ensure high safety and high work autonomy.

MIR200 is a medium size robot from this producer. It is perfect for carrying small loads in small spaces. It is certified for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and similar industries. It can be extended with various accessories, including collaborative robotic arms. 

The robot is available with an optional docking station.




890 x 580 x 352 mm 


65 kg 

Carrying capacity 

200 kg 

Maximum speed 

1.1 m / s 

Positioning accuracy 

± 50mm (± 10mm to the docking station)  

Basic sensors 

2 x SICK S300 security scanner 

2 x Intel RealSense 3D camera 


Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 


Li-NMC, 24V,40 Ah 

Typical working time / range 

10h / 15km