Kinova Ultralight Robotic Arm with 7 Degrees of Freedom

Kinova Ultralight Robotic Arm with 7 Degrees of Freedom

Kinova is a producer of ultralight robotic arms used by leading universities and research institutes around the world. They are used in various applications – from helping the disabled to defusing bombs.  

The third generation is based on Kinova’s many years of experience. The arm has been enriched with the latest technologies and solutions. This arm is unique because of exceptionally low weight, rich set of sensors (including RGBD camera), 7 degrees of freedom and open architecture, which makes it unique for demanding research applications, including areas such as: 

  • mobile manipulation, 
  • human-robot interaction, 
  • artificial intelligence,  
  • and others. 



The number of degrees of freedom 


Weight with controller without gripper 

8.2 kg 

Lifting capacity 

4 kg 

Rotation range of each joint 

Infinite (software limitation to avoid collisions) 

Maximum speed of movement 

50 cm / s 

Power consumption 

Average 36W, maximum 155W 


902 mm 

Sensors in each wrist 

Torque, current, voltage, temperature sensor and encoder 

Built-in camera in the bunch 

2D camera (up to 1920 x 1080 @ 30, 15 fps) 

3D camera (up to 480 x 270 @ 30.15.6 fps) 

Maximum frequency of control from an external controller 


Interfaces in the database (controller) 

USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Digital lines 

Programmable and controllable 

Matlab, ROS, C ++, Python 

The arm is available with the option of quick disassembly of the base.


Technical parameters of the gripper 


Number of fingers 


Maximum spacing 

85 mm 

Compressive strength 

20-235 N 

Maximum lifting capacity 

5 kg 


0.9 kg 

Closing speed 

20-150 mm / s