Husarion ROSbot 2.0

Husarion ROSbot 2.0

ROSbot is a Polish mobile robot designed to allow students to easily prototype and test algorithms in the field of mobile robotics at an affordable price. Hosting many sensors and rich library of examples and tutorials, the platform enables quick start of classes on several levels of experience. It may be used to demonstrate a wide range of properties – from basic navigation algorithms to advanced concepts such as SLAM or autonomous work. 

ROSbot is programmed in ROS (Robot Operating System) – world’s most popular tool for programming robots. 


ROSbot is available in 4 versions: 

  • ROSbot 2.0 
  • ROSbot 2.0 with a 360-degree lidar (8m range) and RGBD camera 
  • ROSbot with a 2D 360-degree lidar (8m range) and RGBD camera 
  • ROSbot 2.0 Pro with 360-degree 2D lidar (25 m range) and RGB camera 

Technical specifications: 

Dimensions (with all sensors) 

200 x 235 x 220 mm 

Weight (with all sensors) 

2.84 kg 

Load capacity 

10 kg 

Max speed 

1 m / s 


ROSbot 2.0: ASUS Tinker Board – 2GB RAM, 4x 1.8GHz, GPU, 32GB MicroSD 

ROSbot 2.0 Pro: UpBoard – 4GB RAM, 4x 1.92GHz, GPU, 32GB eMMC 

Built-in battery 

Lithium-ion, 3.5Ah, operating time 1.5-5h 

Basic sensors 

4 infrared distance sensors, 9-axis IMU 


1 x HDMI, 2xUSB, WiFi, 16xGPIO, 8xADC, SPI, I2C, 2x UART